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ESS 2015 by lilinthia ESS 2015 :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 2 7
Mature content
Shadow Spirit chapter Thirty-Eight :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 0 0
Fright Night 4 by lilinthia Fright Night 4 :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0 Fright Night 3 by lilinthia Fright Night 3 :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0 Fright Night 2 by lilinthia Fright Night 2 :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 1 Fright Night 1 by lilinthia Fright Night 1 :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 2
My Dearest Friend
My Dearest Friend
Do you remember the reason why we always end our conversations with things such as “See you later” or “Talk to you later”?
It's because “Good-bye” simply sounds too final
Do you remember how we would let our imaginations work together to weave fantastic tales full of adventure, action, romance, and even some comedy?
We did so because it was fun
Do you remember how we could spend hours talking about a single subject, dissecting every aspect of it till we could find nothing more to talk about?
Now I'm lucky if I get to speak to you for even a few moments every other month
Do you remember how we stood by each other when one of us had a falling out with a relationship?
Because now you won't tell me that has even happened until a month later
Why do I continue to remain loyal to you?
Because I still remember how loyal you always were to me
How could you have changed so much?
You were once so loyal, respectable, trustworthy, and honest tha
:iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0
Nightmare Story Chapter six
Chapter Six
Nehkra kept a careful eye over Issa and immediately noticed when something began to bother her.  Issa kept making noises of slight fear and her body moved restlessly.  The nightmare was growing very worried about Issa's condition however.  Her rider had not eaten for at least a day and there were no signs of her waking any time soon.  Nehkra wanted to go and retrieve food for her rider but worried that Issa would either be found or wake up while Nehkra was gone.  Nehkra was having to face a very difficult decision.  If Issa could not wake on her own, she would either have to let Issa die, or scream at her.  Nehkra knew that her scream could wake essentially anything but she didn't know if she could do it without feeding from Issa at the same time.  Nehkra tossed her head as she began to pace the small cave in anxiousness as she waited for her rider to wake up.

Nearly a full day had passed since Endymund had last entered Issa'
:iconlilinthia:lilinthia 2 0
Mature content
Shadow Spirit Chapter Thirty Seven :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 0 0
Nightmare Story Chapter five
Chapter Five
Issa clung to Nehkra's mane tightly as the nightmare weaved her way through the trees.  From behind them Issa could hear someone shouting her name, she assumed it was the Guardians.  Although Issa didn't know this yet, the thick canopy above her had allowed her to lose both Life and Death on their dragons, the two were now relying on Dream to catch up to her.  Issa's mind began wandering back to what the huntsman had said before Nehkra had killed him.  He himself had said that the Guardians were most likely there to kill her and he hadn't even known the situation in the slightest.  Nehkra could feel how Issa's body was trembling slightly as her hands tightened their grip on her mane.  Nehkra was just concentrating on keeping herself calm enough to prevent her flames from occurring.  She knew that Issa was uncertain about touching Nehkra's mane and Nehkra did not wish to worsen Issa's fear, she wanted to alleviate it.  Nehkra's ears s
:iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0
Mature content
Nightmare Story Chapter four :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0
ESS 2014- Got your tail by lilinthia ESS 2014- Got your tail :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 5 5
Mature content
Shadow Spirit Chapter Thirty-Seven :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 0 0
Mature content
Shadow Spirit Chapter Thirty-Six :iconlilinthia:lilinthia 1 0
Shadow Spirit Chapter Twenty Three
The next couple of weeks had passed in a blur and it was now the morning of Healer’s wedding.  Huntress had spent a majority of the morning being bathed and prepared by her spirits for the wedding.  Huntress’ dress was long and rather bare of any embellishments.  The dress was made from white silk and gently trailed towards the ground.  Huntress sat still as spirits brushed her hair and pulled it back into a bun before attaching a veil to it.  The spirits cooed over how wonderful Huntress looked.  Huntress shook her head before standing up and looking around the small clearing.  All she had to do now was wait for Darien to arrive to escort her to the ceremony.  Huntress sighed before noticing that Misia had approached her.  The spirit smiled gently as she held out two black hawk feathers.
“Here, a representation not only of your abilities but your control over dark spirits as well.”  Huntress smiled in appreciati
:iconlilinthia:lilinthia 0 0
The Nightmare Record- The Second Week
A Record of Nightmare
Bloods, Abilities, and Lifestyles
The First Sand Rider
The Second Week
We must be getting closer to a Nightmare.  The past two nights I have awoken in fear for no apparent reason and Scipio Scipio has been suffering from horrendous dreams as well.  We have also lost two of our camels.  We had found a rocky outcropping and had decided to rest there for a moment.  Camouflaged and nestled among the rocks was a great lizard.  Scipio and I were lucky that it decided to attack the two pack camels first, but even so, we barely managed to escape.  Ahead of us we can just barely make out the Blood Canyon.  This natural barrier is named so due to the red color of rocks which will tower at least a hundred or so feet above us.  We must hurry through them, without our pack camels we have no food and hardly any water, we only have the water pouches which we carry on persons.  Scipio is becoming more and more irritated and sh
:iconlilinthia:lilinthia 0 0


It's not often that I find a piece as amazing as this one and feel compelled to write a critique for it but you deserve it! Visually th...

Hey guys!  I haven't been doing to much lately due to things happening at my old home and my moving to live in Texas!  I'm living with tumblrist TheInfamousDoctorF, you should chec out her stuff if you like minecraft.
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I love horses, writing, drawing, coloring, music... Um...

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Hai! I was wondering if you plan on continuing your story on, the Overworld Queen story, it was REALLY good and i was hoping you could continue with it.
lilinthia Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yes actually I am, I've run into some problems with the file corrupting which is why I haven't been updating.  I keep rewriting the next chapter, save it so I can look it over the next day with fresh eyes, and then when I open it next, the file ends up corrupted.  I don't know what's causing this problem, but it does get frustrating after the first three or so times.  However if you would essentially like to read an AU involving my characters you can head over here --->

I participate in the role play the owner of this blog runs and I help admin it.  My Herobrine is distinguished as CP in the role play and Lie is Lilinthia.  I hope this can at least satisfy you until I can get that chapter working!

You can also reach me on my tumblr which is under the same name as my fic on fanfic or follow this link…

I don't post much story related, but you can send my characters asks and I'll do my best to answer them!
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Thanks! It's nice to know you didn't forget about the story, and that your still trying to work on it. I'll make sure to head over to the RP website, I wanted to go on it before but the link on wasn't showing so I never got to.
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And I apologize for how long it initially rook me to respond to your question, I used to be on here daily, not so much anymore
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